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Ganad Media Sdn Bhd

Ganad’s contributions to outdoor advertising cannot be discounted. Since our inception in 1986, we have assisted countless organisations to go beyond industry norms and explore exciting ways to grow their customer base – in the process introducing innovations now synonymous with the industry.Our team of experts bring to the table extensive experience in meeting the demands of clients and continuing to set the pace for our competitors.

Myanmar Ganad Advertising Co. Ltd.

We being the first international outdoor company to enter Myanmar in 1996 allowed fast dominance of the local outdoor advertising landscape. The Yangon office oversees more than 100 billboards, LED sites and bus shelter network in the country.With Myanmar now rapidly opening up to foreign investment, we are poised to help new market entrants quickly build their brand presence.

Ganad-Thai Co. Ltd.

Ganad’s first foray overseas in 1994 has transformed into one of Thailand’s most reputable media owners. Equipped with assistance from the Malaysian head office and ganad builders, we own a number of prominent billboards densely-populated Bangkok.

Ganad Advertising Co. Ltd.

Incorporated in 1996, Ganad Khmer offers a beefier repertoire of services. In addition to outdoor advertising, the Phnom Penh workforce is capable of multimedia production, graphic design, photography and offset printing.Armed with the same assistance enjoyed by its Thai counterpart, Ganad Khmer has been helping countless clients build their brands in Cambodia.

Our Story

At the tail end of the 1980s, UMW Toyota commissioned ganad for the supply of six billboards. Then a new kid on the block, we could have toed the line and performed no more than the contents of the brief.

But the team had other ideas. Determined to do justice by the trust vested in us, we added value to the automotive powerhouse’s foray into outdoor media with the introduction of backlighting, the firsts of its kind in the region. UMW Toyota has since lent its long-standing support, ensuring our growth from a below-the-line advertising contractor into a fully integrated operation.

Our success naturally inspired a slew of imitators, as well as our further contributions to the industry lexicon. We brought metro panels and digital screens to Malaysian shores. We expanded the range of options for billboards and spectaculars to include concrete structuring and portrait orientation. We go beyond merely providing the canvas, inserting ourselves into the creative process with suggestions for making the most out of every ringgit.

To continue laying the ground work for the industry we helped build by providing innovative solutions to the outdoor advertising need of our clients.

We empower companies by harnessing the power of outdoor advertising to build brand loyal and recognition.

Our History
  • Launch of LEDUA LED screen
  • Launched largest SMD LED screen in Malaysia
  • Exclusive rights to KL Sentral for 10 years
  • Pioneered digital screens in Malaysia
  • First to hold sole advertising rights to entire KTM Komuter network
  • Pioneered concrete foundation and structuring on billboards in Malaysia
  • Pioneered metropanels in Malaysia
  • First company of its kind to be listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange
  • Rebranded as ganad
  • Pioneered backlit billboards in Asia
  • Pioneered full neon billboards in Malaysia
  • Founded as Masterprints Trading Sdn. Bhd.
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