Grab Food
  • Client Grab Myanmar Ltd
  • Media Assets Window Display
  • Durations 5th January 2021 to 4th April 2021
  • Location Hledan Center
  • Grab Food launched the advertisement in the crowded area of Yangon and targeted to the young generation and professional worker. Ganad provided their target location via Ganad’s media assets at Hledan Center.

CB Bank
  • Media Assets Window Display
  • Durations 11th September 2020 to 10th September 2021
  • Location Hledan Center
  • Ganad supported to the CB bank for the advertising at Hledan Center shopping mall and they aimed to get more brand awareness and eye-catching from the public.

  • Client DH (Myanmar) Co., Ltd
  • Media Assets Escalator & Atrium
  • Durations 23rd November 2020 to 22nd November 2021
  • Location Taunggyi City Square, Taunggyi, Shan State
  • Foodpanda launched their advertisement campaign in the busy shopping center in the commercial area in Taunggyi. Mall OOH media offers reliable access to digital generation, families and professional workers, in this case at Shan State. Ganad supported to achieve of their campaign objective at Taunggyi City Square.

Tay Than Thar
  • Client Tay Than Thar
  • Media Assets Bus Shelters
  • Durations 18th Sept 2020 to 17th Dec 2020
  • Location Mingalardone, North Okkalap and Hlaing Thar Yar
  • Tay Than Thar launched the advertising campaign for their Music application at ganad’s bus shelters network.

Wave Pay
  • Client Mango Media Group Co., Ltd
  • Media Assets Scrolling Board, Mall External
  • Durations 29th August 2020 to 28th November August
  • Location Hledan Center, Kamayut Township, Yangon.
  • Wave Pay launched its campaign in a crowded area in Yangon and they aim to reach their services to the digital generation, family members and professional workers. Ganad support to achieve of their campaign objective at Hledan Center.

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